Chess champion is “Fritzed” by computer

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Russian chess grandmaster, Vladimir Kramnik lost the final match of his man versus machine match against the Deep Fritz chess program. The six game match in Bonn, Germany had a final result of 4-2 for the German-developed chess program which runs on readily available computer hardware.

The first match which concluded on November 25 was a draw, Kramnik lost the second game to the computer with some indications that he overlooked a mate in one win. Third through fifth matches were all draws.

Kramnik, whilst the current world chess champion, is actually ranked third in the world. A contributory factor in this is his health problems. The world champion suffers from a rare form of arthritis which makes sitting playing in tournaments extremely painful for him.

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Starbucks’ Spirited Pr Gamble

A Big Mac along with a glass of chardonnay? Who knows? That could be on the way. Starbucks is heading in that direction. The chain will soon be selling beer and wine in select locations. Four to six stores in the Southern California area will offer alcoholic beverages by the end of this year, as will some stores in Atlanta and Chicago

The chain began testing its new spirited approach in Seattle in 2010. Starbucks now offers beers for $5 and wines by the glass for $7 to $9 in five locations in that city and one in Portland, Oregon.

The questions are: what will this move do to the Starbucks brand? And how will customers have to change their habits in order for it to pay off? Currently the chain makes most of its daily sales by 2 p.m., which explains the foray into the spirit business. On the other hand around 75% of Starbucks customers are there for take out. That won’t work in the beer and wine business. These customers will have to say and enjoy their beverages in-house. And what about the kids and teens that have made Starbucks one of their staples. Will mom and dad be happy sending their kids to a beer and wine establishment?

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If this were Europe, there would be no issue. There families are used to going to pubs or cafes where coffee, food and spirits are sold. But, the U.S. isn’t France or England and we generally have a different take on where liquor should and shouldn’t be served. And what happens when a Starbucks barista has to 86 someone? What will be the protocol for that?

Starbucks has built an amazing worldwide brand. It has regularly changed its menu offering different types of drinks and food items, but a jump into the world of beer and wine is a big one. Adding a new pastry, sandwich or fruit drink does not risk compromising the chain’s brand, but offering a happy hour where spirits flow freely will challenge the way many of its customers view the company.

Only time will tell if this gamble will pay off. Because it directly impacts their brand recognition, it could either turn out to be a PR miscue or a public relations home run. Chances are it will land somewhere in the middle. Since they are only experimenting with a handful of stores, if the publicity effect is extremely negative, they can quickly shut the program down. But if the reaction is simply lukewarm, or only somewhat negative, they will most likely give the news stores a fair shot and launch a media relations campaign extolling the virtues of this new approach. If it works, it could become a one stop shop for buying one’s stimulants in the morning and depressants in the evening. The next big question could be, how are they going to get people to leave?

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Australian solar racing team parades at Sydney campus send-off

Friday, September 20, 2013

Australian solar racing team Sunswift paraded their fifth car, eVe, on the Kensington campus of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, yesterday. They are leaving for the 2013 World Solar Challenge this weekend. Both staff and students came to the send-off event in the early afternoon.

The vehicle route led from the biomed lawn of Michael Birt Gadrens in upper Kensington Campus down the University Mall to Anzac Parade with a few stops along the way at Commerce Courtyard and Globe Lawn. The driver, as well as the passenger, alighted as six members of the team carried eVe over the stairs of University Mall.

eVe, the latest car built by the Sunswift team, was designed for the new Cruiser class of the competition, and thus meets regulations for normal roads-worthy vehicles. While its predecessor IVy weighed under 150 kg, eVe weighs approximately 300 kg, with light carbon fiber monocoque construction and 15 kWh batteries weighing only 63 kg. However, eVe has achieved a similar drag coefficient, despite different overall shape and larger frontal area.

The 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is to take place on October 6–13, 2013.

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Three Tips For Hiring A Web Design Company In Miami

byAlma Abell

No matter what industry your business is in or its size, it needs to have a strong online presence. The most important part of your web presence will be the company’s website on which interested parties can get information or buy products. Since it is so important to your company’s online presence, it needs to be professionally designed.

Why Hire Professional Web Designers?

A professional web designer will have the necessary skills to build a website for your business that attracts web visitors, is easy for them to navigate, and helps build your brand. Although a relative or friend may be able to build a website, he or she may lack the knowledge needed to design a truly professional website. A web design company in Miami should have a portfolio of sites that you can review to assess their skills.

Find Out Experience

While you are searching for a web design company to build your business’ website, find one with experience designing sites for companies within your industry. The way that a business is promoted often depends on the industry in which it is involved.

For instance, visual businesses such as photography, graphic design, or architecture will have websites that display their work. Other industries, especially technical or manufacturing, will rely more on written content for their sites.

Carefully Assess Portfolio

A company that does website design in Miami should have a portfolio of websites that they can show you. Note the URLs so that when you’re alone, you can pull up the sites to evaluate them. Pay attention to the navigation to see if you can quickly move between web pages. Examine their visual appeal and the content published on the pages to determine their relevance to the products.

Hiring a professional web design company will provide the experience and skills needed to build a website that can increase sales and increase your company’s profitability.

Mothers, teachers concerned about leukemia deaths at California elementary school

Saturday, May 28, 2005

California State Senator Joseph Dunn, school officials, and environmental professionals met with Kennedy Elementary School parents in a town-hall style meeting in Santa Ana Thursday evening. The parents aired their concerns over health issues at schools and workplaces, including a rash of leukemia cases in the student population, and began a dialogue they have been working toward for years.

Representatives of Markland Manufacturing and of AQMD also spoke at the meeting, explaining their positions. The outcome of the meeting was that Senator Dunn and members of the community will tour the Markland facility and meet with county officials, and another public meeting will be held in a couple of weeks.

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Egyptian archaeologists announce discovery of marble statue and 132 new sites

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s pre-eminent archaeologist, and Secretary General of the The Supreme Council of Antiquities, has announced that a rare statue constructed of white marble whose features resemble Alexander the Great has been discovered in Egypt. Hawass also stated that there are satellite photographs identifying many archeological sites which may also reveal buried monuments.

Calliope Papacosta was leading the Greek archaeological excavation in Alexandria when the white marble statue was found.

“A ribbon around the head of the statue proves that it belongs to an important person for such ribbon was used only be[sic] rulers,” said Hawass, “The 80 cm long, 23 cm wide statue has been discovered eight meters deep under the earth surface.”

Farouk Hosni, Egypt’s Culture Minister, is supporting archaeological dig sites and has set into place laws restricting illegal digging in confirmed archaeological sites which may contain historical monuments. The monument photography project, National Authority for Remote Sensing, Space Sciences (NARRS) and Mubarak City for Scientific Research (MuCSAT) combined Satellites technology, aerial photography and ground laser to locate 132 sites which have not yet been excavated.

One of these sites is north of Lake Qarun in the Faiyum area, and another at Habu city. Archaeologists are presently being sent out by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism to areas before construction and building excavations to preserve invaluable archaeological treasures. At the Faiyum site near Cairo artifacts dating to diverse time periods have been found amongst these, an awl for stitching leather, fishing tackle, weapons, jewellery, pottery, coins, sawfish, whale fossils, and a 3150 BC block portraying one of the two leaders named King Scorpion.

Meanwhile, in other archaeological news, Iran’s three salt mummies found in the Chehrabad Salt Mine in 1993 will be moved to a technologically advanced vacuum chamber display case in Zanjan for better preservation. These mummies or Salt Men have been dated as being from the Parthian 237 BCE – 224 CE and Sassanid era, 224 – 651 CE.

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Adam Folkard and Nick Norton ready for more men’s softball

Monday, March 19, 2012Hawker, Canberra — Coming off a national championship win for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) men’s open team in mid-February, Australia men’s national softball team representatives Nick Norton and Adam Folkard are getting ready for more softball later this year, including the Australian club championships to be held in Brisbane in June.

Folkard and Norton have both won the World Championships and have each won a total of ten national championships with the ACT side. They are both named to the current men’s national team, which has roughly thirty players, and believe they are likely to survive the December cut down to eighteen players who will represent Australia at next year’s World Championship in Auckland, New Zealand.

The World Championship is one of the two most prestigious available to male softball players. The other is the International Softball Congress, an event Folkard and Norton have both competed at.

As national team representatives, there are a lot of expectations for them. In Australia, there is almost no financial support for the men’s game so they must cover most of their own costs, including travel to and from international competitions. According to Folkard’s father, these costs can be prohibitive. In one year, when Folkard was a representative on the men’s U18, U23 and Open team, it cost A$15,000 for travel and other expenses just for Folkard. When costs for bringing family members such as Folkard’s sisters to major international tournaments, the costs were even higher. Folkard, his father and Norton all joked this cost his father an investment property to allow Folkard to continue to compete at the highest level. Both Folkard and Norton currently work as tradesmen to support softball playing.

Beyond money, the national team requires players to be actively involved in wider softball community. Players must represent a club at the club championships in Brisbane if they want to retain a spot in the squad. Folkard plays for a Western Australian club and Norton plays for a Sydney based club, driving down from Canberra to play every Sunday during the season.

Folkard and Norton have both played softball at the highest level in the United States, where the men’s game is not yet fully professionalized but still presents more opportunities for players than are available at home. For several years, Folkard has gone to the United States for three-month stints, playing for teams in Chicago, Pennsylvania, and New York. One side he played was sponsored by Ernst and Young. Folkard currently plays for a Canadian side and has been trying to convince Norton, whom he has grown up playing softball with, to join him like Norton has done one previous season. According to Folkard, playing with a North American club has certain advantages. The clubs pay for his travel to and from Australia, and pay for Championship rings. When asked how North American clubs sign Australian players, he said they follow men’s softball in Australia and call up players to offer contracts. Australian men’s players gain additional exposure to potential clubs when they compete, with some sides approaching them during the North American season and seeking to contract them for the following season.

Both men would love the opportunity to play softball in the Olympics, but believe such an opportunity is unlikely. According to them, softball at the Olympics is a women’s game intrinsically linked to men’s baseball, and men’s softball is unlikely to ever be considered on the programme as a result.

Folkard and Norton both play for the same club in the ACT territory club competition. Their team has secured a grand final berth for the match in ten days. They are waiting to find out who they will play against based on a match this weekend. Both have previously won this competition.

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Reusable Glass Water Bottles


With modern advancements in research and technology, there has been an increase in awareness of the health risks found in some plastics, as well as to the lasting impact the use of plastic bottles has on the environment. This is why people all over the nation are switching to drinking from reusable glass water bottles. Glass has been a trusted material for centuries and is 100% recyclable. It is far safer to use than the typical plastic bottles. The bottles bought in large packages at the store are only good for that one use, as the chemicals in the plastic leak into your beverage over a short period of time. Even the reusable water bottles are not without their dangers. This includes drinking bottles, water storage, and baby bottles. Glass is completely neutral, your beverage will not take on any extra taste from the bottle itself. Not only is this a benefit to you, but also to any children that will be using the bottles. It will also get them to drink more water, which would bolster their immune system and overall level of health.

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One of the top manufactures of reusable glass water bottles is RainaWater. They grew out of the need to find the perfect water bottle which was both environmentally friendly and stylish. Each new type of plastic container being tried was still missing the mark when it came to being the perfect water bottle to use. Many of the bottles in current circulation also presented health hazards. Various metal varieties were decidedly unnatural, and lead to an unpleasant taste permeating throughout the beverage within. Glass was the solution they were looking for.

Not only is glass the perfect vessel for liquids, but the bottles looked great with different graphics. When going through RainaWater, you will receive custom reusable glass water bottles that are individually crafted using glass manufactured in Canada. The bottles can be etched with an image of your choosing, and personalized with pretty much any word or short phrase you would like. For further ease of use and convenience, these reusable glass water bottles are dishwasher safe and can hold 32 ounces.

With reusable glass water bottles, you are preserving the health of you and your family. Without the added chemicals that come from many drinking containers available in stores today, you and your family will be able to live a richer, fuller life.

American football coach Lloyd Carr retires from Michigan

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

University of Michigan Wolverines head coach Lloyd Carr, who had coached the college football program for thirteen years, announced his retirement from the coaching profession, effective after the Wolverines’ bowl game.

“Yesterday was one of the most emotional days of my life,” Carr said at his press conference, referring to when he informed his team of his retirement. “I’ve cried more tears than I knew I had. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. There’s so many memories. It was a wonderful day.”

During his tenure at Michigan, Carr won five Big Ten Conference championships and a national championship in 1997. He had a disappointing 1-6 record vs. Jim Tressel’s Ohio State Buckeyes, though his overall record vs. Ohio State was 6-7. Carr’s last victory over Ohio State came in 2003. He amassed a 121-40 overall record while at Michigan and ranks seventh among active coaches with a 75.2 winning percentage.

There has been a lot of speculation, even before Carr’s retirement, regarding who would become the next Michigan head coach. Current Louisiana State University head coach Les Miles is viewed as the top candidate to replace Carr.

Observers see Les Miles as the front-runner despite his recent comments. “I want to stay just where I’m at,” Miles said. “I don’t want to think about it. Don’t want to envision it. I want to go forward and prepare.”

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