Common Plastic Surgery Mistakes
April 7, 2021

Common Plastic Surgery Mistakes


Scott Hopper

All humans are prone to errors and mistakes. Physicians and surgeons are no exception. Mistakes during ordinary surgeries occur from time to time. Plastic surgery is an even more delicate practice that requires lot of skill and experience on the part of plastic surgeons. Majority of the common plastic surgery mistakes occur due to improper procedural performances, minor surgical errors, and incorrect post-operative care. Nearly all the common plastic surgery mistakes can be avoided by proper screening of the patient and adequate preparation before the surgery. Some of the most common plastic surgery mistakes are presented below.

Plastic Surgery Mistakes in Facial Surgeries

If mistakes occur in facial plastic surgery procedures, they are highly visible. At the same time, they are also difficult to repair. The patient is likely to have an unnatural or wooden look, if mistakes occur in facial surgeries. If any nerve is accidentally damaged or skin tissue is tightened excessively, it can lead to partial or complete paralysis. Further, asymmetry in facial parts, gross disproportions, excess scarring, hardening of facial tissues, and harmful implant leaks are also possible when mistakes occur in facial plastic surgery procedures.


Plastic Surgery Mistakes in Other Body Parts

The common plastic surgery mistakes in other body parts can be easily masked but the health related issues due to such mistakes cannot be avoided. The patients must face the consequences of these mistakes, irrespective of the visibility or non-visibility of the surgery errors. In many cases, the problems are not just physical ailments or disorders but the patients undergo serious psychological and emotional trauma also. In several instances, the patients had been found to be suffering from a guilty consciousness that they had been punished for their efforts of vanity. This poses a grave problem to the patients who had been the victims of common plastic surgery mistakes.

Rectification of Common Plastic Surgery Mistakes

As soon as you notice any difficulty after a plastic surgery procedure, you should immediately contact the plastic surgeon who undertook the surgery operation. Most of the plastic surgery mistakes can be corrected without harmful side effects. In fact, several specialty plastic surgeons concentrate solely on surgical repair of the common plastic surgery mistakes. As such, you need not worry too much about minor mistakes in plastic surgery. Still, at times, the mistakes can prove too costly and the only recourse may be seeking adequate compensation.

Still, it is important to ensure before any plastic surgery procedure that the plastic surgeon is an accredited and certified plastic surgery practitioner. It is also advisable to enquire from past patients of that surgeon about the success rate in previous surgeries done by that surgeon. In spite of such precautions, if plastic surgery mistakes do occur, the concerned plastic surgeon is bound to correct the problem without charging anything extra. If that surgeon is not capable of correcting the mistake, then you can even claim the cost of the corrective surgery procedure and compensation for physical and mental anguish from the one who had done the initial mistake, after correction of the mistake by another expert surgeon.

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