How Reliable Is China Visa Service?
May 2, 2023

By Seomul Evans

A visa is basically an endorsement stamped on the passport of an individual. It notes that the country that would be visited by the person has fully inspected the passport and is now giving the holder the permission to enter that country. US citizens who plan to drop by China soon must obtain a Chinese visa to be allowed to enter mainland. Unlike several other countries, China is not issuing visas to people upon their arrival.

China is requiring all foreigners, including US citizens, to apply for and get an appropriate Chinese visa before going to the country. The most common Chinese visa issued is the L or tourist Chinese visa. Such visas could range from single entry that has 30-day validity to multiple-entry visas that are good for up to 60 days to about a year.

China visa service

What is a China visa service? Generally, all Chinese visas are issued by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Chinese embassies and consulates all around the world. In the US, the Chinese embassy is located at Washington DC. All visa application forms could be obtained from such embassies.


Unfortunately, China is not accepting visa applications through mail. Thus, passports and visa applications must be presented personally. Individuals who do not have the time to spare for processing Chinese visas and personally dropping by the Chinese embassy could instead have a reliable travel agency do the China visa service.

China visa service basically hand carries the passports and visa applications to the Chinese embassy for approval. China visa service also picks the documents up to deliver or hand the passport with approved visa to the visa applicant. This is deemed highly convenient. That is why more and more people are opting for China visa service offered by different parties instead.

China visa service also does not accept Chinese visa applications through mail. That is because the passport has to be actually turned over to the visa approving officials in the embassy. The Chinese embassy has a list of China visa services it conducts and approves. Some of those China visa services could be found online using a reliable search engine.

Requirements for application

China visa service would make sure that all necessary documents and requirements are submitted by the Chinese visa applicant. The main requirement is the applicant’s passport, which should be valid for at least six months. The passport should also have at least one remaining blank page. Other requirements like 2X2 passport photos and a complete Chinese visa application form should be submitted as well.

The China visa service typically costs about $15 to $28 as handling or processing costs. However, it is just logical that some China visa services offered to individuals could cost higher. The rate could vary depending on the proximity to the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate. There usually are discounts provided for China visa services if multiple visa applications are processed at the same time.

The duration of China visa service could also vary. In the US, the standard China visa service offered by travel agencies could take up to four days. The service could be rushed to as fast as a day, though it would equate to higher handling or processing fees. Overall, China visa service is convenient.

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