Puppy Training: Lying Down On The Job
June 5, 2022


Submitted by: Sarah McDermott

When most people get a brand new puppy they all want to try to teach it something new and exciting for him or her to do. That is a great way to bond with your puppy because it shows that you want to have a great relationship with him or her and they can easily see that. It is something that a wonderful thing to have. Many people aren t really there for their dogs and that relationship is usually missing from a lot of people s lives with their puppies. Many people just see their puppy as something that is cute and cuddly and that it shouldn t be such a laborious task to take care of them but in reality it is something that you can t ignore. Having a puppy in your own is a full time job just like the same goes for having a child. You can t ignore them and you always need to be there for them to be able to say that they are good people because you made sure of it.

There are many things that you can teach your new puppy. Some of these things can be standalone tricks that don t require any previous knowledge and others are dependent on each other. Usually you might want to say that all these little training tricks are dependent on each other because being able to teach your puppy one trick will be able to put it into a mindset of learning. You want your puppy to be able to absorb these things as well as possible and so you should start with something nice and easy and then progress to more and more complicated things.


A great thing to be able to teach your puppy is the ability to lie down. It is a great trick to be able to control your puppy and give him different instructions while trying to teach him other things. This one is quite similar to sitting but it requires a bit more effort not only on your part but on his. It also has the benefit of being easier to maintain for him. The best way to start this would be to think of a gesture or word that you want to associate with the action of lying down. This is mandatory because dogs learn by being given queues. Once you think of it make sure you say it or gesture it in a loud and clear manner so that there is no mistaking it for something else. Once you do that you need to manipulate him in order to demonstrate exactly what you want him to do. In this case you have to force his body down to the ground in the position you want him to be in once you give him the command. You should keep this up for as long as it takes for him to consistently do it without the need for your intervention. This is a sure sign that he has mastered this trick. Always make sure you are consistent when you do these tricks. That is vitally important.

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