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November 9, 2022

By Ramya Dilip

HR Software / HR System is a primary tool for the HR managers to manage the employees payroll & benefits efficiently. A good HR system increases the productivity & accuracy of the calculation and employees can manage their own details efficiently by self servicing portal. In typical a HR system should comprise of the features as below.

Biometric System:

Employees may misuse the time capturing system or can give excuses of forgot to bring the employee card or loss of card in traditional punch card machine / proximity card system. In biometric system employee finger is their employee card, biometric system captures the employees start & end work timing accurately.

Time Attendance Software:

Time attendance software captures the data from biometric system and calculates the lateness, early leaving & overtime based on the shift pattern & rule setup.


Payroll Software:

Employees may get salary by monthly fixed amount or daily rate or hourly rate. Payroll software calculates the employees salary based on their payroll setting & attendance details captured from time attendance software. Payroll software generates the pay slip which can be given to the employees by sealed pay slip paper or can be sent via e-mail.

HR System Functions

HR system helps administrators on tracking employee information, training records, performance appraisals, assets assigned to employees, staff accident & insurance records, etc

Human Resource Training Module

The training module manages information relevant to employees training history, training course availability and training cost. It can also keep track of your organizations financial investment in training. HR also defines the skills associated with completion of course and able to save attachment of transcripts or scanned documents. HR training report shows course information such as course code, date taken the course, cost and start and end date for the training course, institution organized the courses, course name, cost for the course, durations, result attained and remarks.

Human Resource Appraisal Module

The appraisal module manages information pertaining to employees performance appraisals. It allows HR to define setup by each job grade with point systems. This report shows name of person doing the appraisal, appraisal date, next appraisal date, user defined appraisal criteria and remarks.

Human Resource Insurance Module

The insurance module allows HR to define the various hospitalization and medical scheme and enable employees to select the right coverage and to keep the necessary dependent information up to date. Insurance reports shows insurance code, description, plan, start & end date, duration, insurance amount, amount premium paid, details and remarks.

Human Resource Accident Module

Accident records module is used to store employee accident details such as vehicle, accident, fire outbreak, etc. The purpose of the following features is to allow user to enter employee accidents details for investigation and reference purpose. This report shows accident detail, date, time, cost involved, insurance claim amount, reason & remarks.

Human Resource Asset Module

The company asset module is used to store inventory items issued to employee such as Security Pass, Uniform, handbook, Pen, notebook etc. The purpose of the following features is to allow User to enter records of company issued items to employee as well as to allow user to de-kit at the end of their employment if required. Assest report shows information such as description of asset, serial number, issued date & returned date, quantity, cost & remarks.

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