The Secret To Potty Training Your Teacup Puppy}
June 26, 2022


Submitted by: Dean Marton

Teacup puppies are adorable creatures, but when they start pooping and urinating all over your furniture, they wont be cute no more. To keep them from becoming your worst nightmare, you should take time for potty training. As soon as you bring home your teacup puppy, you should be on the lookout as he starts sniffing or walking around in circles. Most teacup pups will start sniffing furniture and carpets when they are about to urinate, while they walk around in circles if they feel the need to have a bowel movement. By paying attention to these simple behavior patterns, the easier will your potty training be.

Whether you plan to keep your teacup puppys potty business indoors or outdoors, it is best to take them to a designated place where you want them to urinate or take a dump. Within a few days, your pup will use that same place consistently. This way, you maintain a cleaner house or backyard. Sometimes, giving treats to reward him every time he did his business properly can be a good way to train your teacup pup.


There are several methods of potty training for your puppy. However, before the actual training, it is best to decide which method you prefer to use because changing methods in the middle of the training could confuse your pet. Since you are the teacher, it is important not to expose your teacup pup about inconsistency.

One popular potty training technique is the paper method. Using this method, you should choose a designated area where your puppy will be doing his business. Many dog owners choose the bathroom or kitchen because of the linoleum flooring, but any other areas will do except carpeted floors. Once you have chosen the potty area, cover it entirely with newspaper.

Be aware that teacup babies tend to eliminate more waste compared to adults, so be extremely cautious. Once you see your teacup puppy sniffing or walking around in circles, this is your cue to place him on his designated potty area. Make sure to clean up the area immediately and replace it with fresh newspaper.

Eventually, your teacup pup will get used to the idea of using paper on his own potty area. When this happens, you can start to take away one sheet of paper at a time until you leave just a small portion enough for him to do his business. For owners who wish to keep their puppies from doing their business outdoors, just move the paper slowly until it reaches your desired spot outside. Once your puppy urinates and poops on the same spot everyday, you can now remove the paper and never worry about your furniture and floors ever again.

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