Business Owners Can Maintain Their Parking Lots With Pavement Markings In Everett, Wa
June 2, 2021

byAlma Abell

For business owners, having a parking lot for customers to safely park their vehicles is crucial. Businesses that do not have a proper place for parking can often experience a lack of business because customers do not want to be inconvenienced. Over time, a parking lot’s lines and markings can become faded, making them less noticeable. Thankfully, company owners can call in the professionals for Pavement Markings in Everett WA.

How Often Does a Parking Lot Need Restriping?

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When a business owner has their parking lot paved and striped, they need to make sure proper maintenance is carried out to make the lines last as long as possible. Without proper striping in place, customers and employees will not know the proper areas to park, and a parking lot can end up becoming a dangerous place where accidents can occur because the flow of traffic is disrupted.

There are two factors that will determine how often a parking lot needs new Pavement Markings in Everett WA:

  • The amount of traffic a parking lot experiences on a daily basis can have a big impact on how quickly the lines begin to fade.
  • The weather also impacts the fading of paint lines. Areas where the weather stays cold and icy all winter long may end up needing frequent salting, which can cause the lines and markings to become faded.

Parking lots that experience a heavy flow of traffic each day will typically need to be restriped and marked on an annual basis. If a parking lot experiences light traffic, it may be possible for the lines and markings to last up to two years.

Learn More About These Services

Business owners who notice their parking lot lines are fading need to contact Highline Pavement Maintenance. If a business owner finds the lines look faded, new customers are even more likely to notice, which can cause confusion in parking and in entering and exiting the parking lot.

Contact Highline Pavement Maintenance today and they will be happy to offer you further information on their services. With new lines and markings, your parking lot will be safer for your employees and customers. You can also follow them on Twitter.