Criminal appeals denied for American Evangelists

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kent Hovind‘s Appeal for his and his wife, Jo’s, felony convictions was recently denied by Eleventh Circuit Court. The court found that the Hovinds’ appeal was “without merit.” Kent and Jo were convicted of 58 and 44 tax-related felonies respectively, obstruction and intimidation of federal officers, willful failure to collect and pay taxes, and structuring to avoid bank reporting requirements. Kent is a Pensacola young Earth creationist/Evangelist and operator of Dinosaur Adventure Land whose speaking engagements and merchandise earned US$5 million from 1999 to March 2004.

The Appeal looked at several issues and concluded that there was enough evidence to convict the Hovinds and that the government did not err. Among other issues, it ruled “Sufficient evidence establishes that Kent failed to collect or pay withholding taxes.” It cited that “Employees of Evangelism Enterprises, peers, and legal counsel testified that Kent disputed the authority of the Internal Revenue Service based on the separation of the church and state, debated the interpretation and application of the withholding requirements, and intentionally characterized Evangelism Enterprises as a ‘church’ and his employees as ‘missionaries’ to avoid tax obligations.”

The Appeals court also ruled that the Hovinds “challenge the validity of their convictions on the ground that the statute does not penalize transactions below $10,000,” but the court ruled “this interpretation does not comport with the language of the statute.” Furthermore, it found “that Kent intended to impede agents of the Revenue Service (IRS) in their efforts to investigate and prosecute Kent’s violations of the tax laws” by “fil[ing] complaints and sued agents of the Internal Revenue Service and instituted legal proceedings to circumvent the lawful seizure of his assets.” Lastly, it affirmed the forfeiture of substitute property when the original property was transferred or deposited with a third party.

On January 19, 2007 Kent was sentenced to ten years in prison and ordered to pay US$640,000 in owed funds to the IRS, pay prosecution’s court costs of $7,078, and serve three years parole once released. Whereas, in June 2007 Jo was sentenced to one year and one day in prison, but the judge released her pending appeal.

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Pest Control In Auburn, Wa And Dealing With Mice

byAlma Abell

Did you just purchase your first investment property and are you feeling overwhelmed? It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when you discover a rodent problem. For example, your contractor may have just taken down a wall, in order to open the kitchen up, and that is when he may have first discovered the mice problems. Fortunately, this problem can be addressed by the best pest control in Auburn WA.

Mice can carry diseases, and they can be the cause of house fires. When mice make their nests inside of the walls of homes, they chew up wiring. For this reason, a fire can occur at any time. You may have even discovered the mice in the attack and were alarmed by the number. Mice have families, and when their families take over your investment property, you need to get help quickly to get the problem taken care of. The best pest control in Auburn WA will take the job on. They have the equipment and experience to ensure that the job is done right.

Clearly, you cannot show the home to buyers or risk a fire. That is why getting rid of the rodent problem should be your main focus. When you speak consultant, you can tell him what you and your contractor discovered and where. He will be glad that you called for help, and he will book an appointment for you. The consultant understands that you are working on a deadline, and you want to get your investment property on the market fast. For this reason, the professionals will show up when they say they will, and they will bring everything that they need to get the job done right.

Who will you call for help? You will find the best professionals at Independent Pest Solutions. With this in mind, there is no reason to wait. You should make the call today and book your appointment. When the work has been completed, you will be happy that you do not have to worry about diseases, fires or any rodent problem when your investment property is being shown to home buyers. Instead, you will feel confident as each buyer walks in.


Turner Broadcasting apologizes for Boston scare

Friday, February 2, 2007

An advertising campaign for shows on Adult Swim, a programming block on Cartoon Network, which is owned by Turner Broadcasting, gave local and federal law-enforcement a scare when devices were discovered on eight different bridges and roads.

The U.S. city of Boston was snarled in traffic jams January 31 as police investigated devices with flashing lights representing a cartoon character were placed around bridges and other areas throughout the city.

Different governmental agencies were brought in to help deal with the problem, which was later found to be no threat, as described by Boston Police Department spokesperson Eddy Chrispin. A bomb squad was deployed under supervision of the FBI, Boston police, the US Coast Guard, and different federal agencies.

The advertising campaign, for the widely popular program Aqua Teen Hunger Force, featuring characters from that series, was in place for two to three weeks in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and many other major US cities.

Two people have been arrested for alleged participation in this incident.

Turner Broadcasting Systems hired New York marketing firm Interference Inc. which in turn hired individuals in the various cities to place the devices promoting the cartoon’s fifth season, scheduled for a February 23 premiere. Road and rail traffic was disrupted by police as they investigated and removed the devices.

The mostly flat devices resemble two-foot-square Lite-Brites with batteries attached to the bottom and visible wires.

G4TV has dubbed the incident “Aquagate” on its broadcast of Attack of the Show segment The Feed.

It is not known why the devices took police several weeks to notice, nor why the devices were believed to be dangerous.

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Nigeria’s cabinet dissolved by acting president

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nigeria’s acting president, Goodluck Jonathan, has announced the dissolution of the country’s cabinet.

In a statement after a cabinet meeting, Nigeria’s information minister, Dora Akunyili, said that “the acting president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, dissolved the Federal Executive Council [cabinet].” In the same statement, Akunyili said that Jonathan had provided no reason for the move, although analysts said that it was due to the impediment of the cabinet to Jonathan’s efforts to put his own mark on the office.

According to Akunyili, the move would not lead to a power vacuum, as the permanent secretaries will step up to take the positions vacated. Jonathan had taken over the role of acting president in February after President Umaru Yar’Adua temporarily stepped down due to sickness, and the cabinet had been entirely appointed by Yar’Adua.

In Akunyili’s statement, she said that an official statement from Jonathan as to the future of the cabinet would be released soon. Additionally, at some time in the future, Jonathan will submit to the National Assembly a list of his submissions for the next incarnation of the cabinet.

In a statement released from the president’s office, a spokesman said that it was “the prerogative of the president to change the cabinet whenever he feels the need to inject new blood, reinvigorate the cabinet and give it a new focus.” According to another, unnamed, government official, the cabinet had become paralyzed by infighting, impeding attempts of governance on major issues.

Yar’Adua has recently returned to Nigeria after being treated for a heart ailment in Saudi Arabia, but has made no public appearances. As a reflection of his impaired condition, Nigeria’s election next year has been brought forward three months, and the ruling People’s Democratic Party, of which both Yar’Adua and Jonathan belong to, has announced that its candidate in those elections will be a Muslim, preventing Jonathan, a Christian, from running. The decision follows a tradition of alternating between Muslim and Christian candidates, allowing each two four-year terms.

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Home of Stonehenge builders found

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Scientists have uncovered the largest Neolithic settlement in the United Kingdom at the Durrington Walls and believe that the village was inhabited by the people who built the Stonehenge monument.

Scientists say that the village was built around 2,600 B.C., roughly when Stonehenge was believed to have been constructed, and housed over 100 people.

Inside the areas which would have been the interior of houses at the time, scientists also found outlines of what they think were beds and cupboards or dressers. Pieces of pottery and “filthy” rubbish around the site. Animal bones, arrowheads, stone tools and other relics were also discovered.

“We’ve never seen such quantities of pottery and animal bone and flint. In what were houses, we have excavated the outlines on the floors of box beds and wooden dressers or cupboards,” said Sheffield University archaeologist Mike Parker Pearson.

So far, the dig has revealed at least 8 houses roughly 14-16 feet square, but scientists say that they think there may have been at least 25 altogether.

The site was likely to have been occupied only seasonally rather than year-round and evidence suggests that a lot of “partying” went on at the location.

“The animal bones are being thrown away half-eaten. It’s what we call a feasting assemblage. This is where they went to party – you could say it was the first free festival. The rubbish isn’t your average domestic debris. There’s a lack of craft-working equipment for cleaning animal hides and no evidence for crop-processing,” added Pearson.

The Durrington Walls are approximately 2 miles from the Stonehenge site.

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A Double Guitar Is A Cutting Machine Which Operates With 2 Cutting Frames Allowing Items To Be Cut Into Accurae Portions}

Submitted by: Stacy Carolin

Martellato Pastry Equipment

About Martellato pastry equipment

For all practical purposes, Martellato Pastry Equipment as well as their baking and ice cream is revered as being some of the best in the industry. This is a family owned business that has been in operation since early 1980 and has been servicing the needs of bakeries, ice cream shops, and pastry shops ever since. They manufacture a wide array of product categories and items such as bread making equipment, cake stands, decoration tools, and a variety of moulds.

Today, you can find Martellato Pastry Equipment and their other products are being distributed from North America to the Middle East, and Europe to northern Africa in an effort to establish a worldwide distributor network. You will also find their products being used by caterers as well as numerous hotels. You will find that the companys R&D Department and Sales Department work hand in hand at their facilities in order to advance the requirements of their clients and develop new products in the process.

Martellato Pastry Equipment has become increasingly more competitive in the industry and international markets by continually investing in key areas such as manufacturing flexibility and quality control. Their goal is to continue to keep developing and enlarging their product lines and introducing newer, more innovative products every year. This also has enabled the company to deal with the largest of the alimentary industries by supplying them with personalized equipment.

Purchasing pastry equipment

The baking and pastry industries probably spawn the widest variety of kitchen gadgets and tools imaginable. Many of the items that Martellato Pastry Equipment has produced have become so versatile that we often wonder how we ever managed to get along all these years in the industry without them. The first rule of thumb when it comes to purchasing any pastry equipment is to buy only those items that are sure you will use.

You also want to make sure that you only shop for quality equipment such as that which Martellato Pastry Equipment manufactures and distributes. Granted, your budget will be the determining factor here. However, you still want to purchase the best quality that you can afford to ensure you of using these tools for years and years. Since better quality equipment tends to be more durable than cheap equipment, you will actually be saving money in the long run since you wont have to be continually replacing items.

When you begin to assemble your collection of baking and pastry tools, whether you purchase Martellato Pastry Equipment or another brand, you want to have enough of an assortment of these items so you can perform a number of different activities. We recommend that you purchase a variety of the more common types of equipment:

o cake pans

o cookie sheets

o pastry pans

o pie pans

Other types of equipment that you should consider, even though they are a bit more specialized include:

o jelly roll pans

o loaf pans

o muffin pans

The construction, shape, and size of the item should be considered as well since this can make all the difference between failure and success with your endeavors.

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Mass industrial walkouts in UK

Friday, January 30, 2009

Workers at British industrial plants are staging mass walkouts this morning.

The workers are taking unofficial action in support of a three day strike at Lindsey Oil Refinery in Lincolnshire, England. Staff have walked out at sites in Scotland, Wales and Teesside in north eastern England. The original strike was called over the awarding of a contract by refinery owners Total to an Italian company. This brought 300 Italian and Portuguese workers on to the site.

The latest reports say workers at the UK’s main oil refinery at Grangemouth in Scotland have come out in sympathy, as have workers at the former ICI plant on Teesside in England and at the nearby Corus steel plant. Workers have walked out at a power station in Aberthaw in south Wales and at plants at Fidler’s Ferry in Cheshire, at Lackenby in Teesside and at the gas terminals near Peterhead in Scotland and Milford Haven in Wales. A protest outside the Lindsey refinery has now dispersed but local union leaders say it will resume on Monday. The Lindsey strike continues.

Secondary industrial action has been illegal in the United Kingdom since the 1980s. However, the penalties apply only to unions organising secondary strikes, not to workers acting individually.

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Collyer brothers to bid for Everton F.C.?

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Rumours in London and Merseyside have linked Paul and Oliver Collyer, creators of the football management series Championship Manager, with a possible bid for Premiership football team Everton.

The Goodison Park club, under the chairmanship of former Coronation Street actor Bill Kenwright, were subjects of a failed takeover bid in August 2004. After suffering the blow of failing to get beyond the qualifying stage of the Champions League, Kenwright is known to have recently sought additional investments in the club.

While a move is not thought to be imminent, the recent takeover of the brothers’ games development company Sports Interactive by game giant SEGA could well prove the catalyst for action by the lifelong Evertonians. The company’s PR guru Miles Jacobson was forced into an official denial of the story soon after the takeover news broke on Tuesday morning. The Collyers themselves have as yet been unavailable for comment.

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“Mrs. Hockey” Colleen Howe is laid to rest

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hundreds of mourners paid their last respects in honour of Colleen Howe yesterday at St. Hugo of the Hills Church in Michigan, United States.

According to a statement released by the Detroit Red Wings, Howe, who was a business entrepreneur and sports agent with the nickname “Mrs. Hockey”, died on Friday of Pick’s disease, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She was 76 years old.

Howe, who was born in Sandusky, Michigan in 1933, was most famous for establishing Power Play International and Power Play Publications to manage the hockey career of her husband Gordie Howe and her sons, Marty and Mark. She established the first Junior A hockey team to the United States and Michigan’s first indoor ice hockey rink.

Howe is survived by husband Gordie Howe, sons Marty, Mark, Dr. Murray A., daughter Cathy Purnell née Howe, nine grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Red Wings owners Mike and Marian Ilitch and Red Wings coach Mike Babcock attended the funeral along with vice president Steve Yzerman, Red Wings players Kris Draper Brian Rafalskim, Pavel Datsyuk, and Henrik Zetterberg. Amid the Red Wings contingent was also captain Nicklas Lidstrom.

Retired hockey players also paid their respects, in attendance were Bill Gadsby, Johnny Wilson, Frank Mahovlich, Alex Delvecchio, and Brian Watson.

Howe’s motto was “Why not?” said her son, during the services.

Howe was diagnosed in 2002 with Pick’s disease, an incurable neurological disease that causes dementia. Red Wings general manager Ken Holland held a moment of silence before the Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game last Saturday. When a picture of Howe and Gordie lit up the scoreboard, fans responded with a standing ovation at the Friday, March 6 Vancouver Giants’ game against the Calgary Hitmen in the Pacific Coliseum.

Howe was one of the founders of the Detroit Junior Red Wings, the first Junior A hockey team in the United States. Howe served as general manager for three years with the Detroit Junior Red Wings. As an assertive and business savvy sports agent she formed Power Play International to manage Gordie, Marty and Mark’s business interests. Howe trademarked Gordie Howe’s name and nickname, “Mr. Hockey”, and her own nickname, “Mrs. Hockey”, as registered trademarks.

Howe was instrumental in the construction of the Gordie Howe Hockeyland arena, Michigan as well as the first Michigan indoor ice hockey rink. She was named Sportswoman of the Year in Detroit in 1972 followed by Michigan Sportswoman of the Year in 1973.

The Colleen J. Howe Arena, Sandusky, Michigan, was named in her honour. The Colleen & Gordie Howe Middle School, Abbotsford, British Columbia, British Columbia and the Howe Arena in Traverse City, Mich. are also named in their honour.

Howe established the 1993 Gordie Howe tribute tour in 65 cities and the Howe Foundation which supports charities. She was also the proud recipient of The Hartford Chamber of Commerce award for outstanding community achievement in 1979.

Howe and Gordie jointly received the Wayne Gretsky Award from the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame in 2001.

Howe wrote the book My Three Hockey Players published in 1975 which became her first venture into writing. Howe, Gordie and Charles Wikins collaborated on the book After the Applause published 1989, followed by When the Final Buzzer Sounds in 2000. A 20th Century Hockey Chronicle written by Howe and Gordie was published in 1994, And …Howe!: An Authorized Autobiography was written together by Howe, Gordie and Tom Delisle and released in 1995. The final joint venture between Howe and Gordie was You Read to Me & I’ll Read to You: 20th-Century Stories to Share which came out in print in 2001. Charities were supported by proceeds from the sales of her books.

Both Gordie and I stem from humble, rural origins. We have been fortunate to see the positive effects hockey has had on our lives, our family’s lives and the lives of millions of others.

Howe was born as Colleen Joffa, to a farming family in Sandusky, Michigan and married Gordie Howe on April 15, 1953. Together they had four children, Mark, Marty, Murray and Cathy. Together they had four children, Marty, Mark, Dr. Murray A. and Cathy Purnell née Howe. Her son, Murray diverged from the family’s footsteps, becoming a doctor, and helped treat Howe during her ordeal with Pick’s disease. Howe is survived by nine grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Howe’s most remarkable negotiation as sports agent occurred in 1973, when she brought Gordie out of retirement and arranged for Mark, Marty and Gordie to all play together on the Houston Aeros. The three had also played together for the Hartford Whalers. Gordon “Gordie” Howe, Mr. Hockey, OC is a retired professional ice hockey player from Saskatchewan, Canada who played for the Detroit Red Wings and Hartford Whalers of the National Hockey League (NHL), and the Houston Aeros and New England Whalers in the World Hockey Association.

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Make Use Of The Space In Your Bathroom With A 72 Inch Bath Vanity

By Heather Mitchell

For the home owners that have an extra large master bathroom, choosing the best ways to fit the space, and get that luxurious look should be considered when remodelling your bathroom. A great addition to your bathroom would be a 72 inch bath vanity for the counter in your bathroom. Not only will this longer style give more space on top of the sink and counter, it will also offer the elegant look and design, and a luxury feel to the bathroom space. When the right granite or marble counters are chosen, it will give the sense of pure luxury, and will offer the elegant look the home owners seek.

The choice of a 72 inch bath vanity also allows for placement of double sinks, and either an extra long mirror, or two smaller mirrors above those sinks. This not only adds to the value of the home (if the home owners are planning on selling), but it also frees up space, gives both individuals the opportunity to get ready at the same time, and gives each of them their own space in the morning when getting ready for work, or at night getting ready for bed. This makes for a more efficient bathroom, and the elegant look as well.

YouTube Preview Image

The longer 72 inch bath vanity also offers more storage above and below the sink. The longer counter allows for different decor to be placed above the counter, such as candles, plants, or any other decorations the home owners want to place on them. Also, there is going to be more cabinet space below the sink. So, storing towels, tissue, or anything else the home owners keep stored in the bathroom, will now be simple to do, since there is such a long cabinet space. The longer space also allows for addition of drawers. They can add a his and her drawer under each sink, to store certain items like makeup, razors, or small items used on a daily basis.

By choosing a large 72 inch bath vanity this also gives a larger feel to the bathroom space. It will allow the home owners to separate the space, and have a more open look and feel to the bathroom area. So, if they add in an open shower, and a separate tub, it can be divided in the space by a wall or partition, making for a much larger looking bathroom, and more space for the owners to get ready in the morning, or any time they are going out.

Whether the home owners want a more luxurious looking bathroom, want to add resale value to the home, or whether they just want a more efficient space in the bathroom, a 72 inch bath vanity can accomplish all of these goals. It will free up space, allow both individuals the ability to use the space without getting in each others way, and will make for far more efficiency in the bathroom. It can also create a luxury style “retreat” appeal and look, depending on the type of material chosen for the 72 inch bath vanity to be installed in the home.

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