London Tube bombs went ‘bang bang bang, very close together’

Saturday, July 9, 2005

After a press conference in London from the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London, more details are emerging about the attacks in London on Thursday.

Data from the Underground system’s power and control systems have revealed that all three bombs went off within 50 seconds of each other, at 8.50am, with the managing director of Transport for London, Tim O’Toole saying the bombs went “bang bang bang, very close together”.

The first bomb to detonate was on the Liverpool Street train soon after it left for Aldgate on the Circle line, seconds before the others. The blast tripped out the power system, visible in the control room. The first call the police received that morning reported “a bang” at Aldgate East, coming within a minute of the blast.

The Edgware Road train, leaving for Paddington and also on the Circle, exploded opposite a train coming from the other direction, making people think at first that it was a derailment. The first call to the Police spoke not of an explosion, but of a person falling under the wheels of the train. The confirmation of a bomb did not come until 9.17am, but by that time the emergency services were already on scene.

Transport for London’s new TrackerNet software is fully opertational on the Circle line, which allows for precise tracking of trains, but is not yet fully installed on the Piccadilly line. The first indication of the Piccadilly line bomb was when the tunnel telephone system wires were cut by the blast, an event logged by other software. The cutting of the lines then tripped out the track current. The tunnel itself suffered only slight damage and is safe, but the train – which was packed with commuters heading for Russell Square – is very badly damaged.

London Underground declared a ‘code Amber’ within minutes, moving trains to platforms and opening all doors. A ‘code Red’ – full evacuation – was set at around 9.15am. O’Toole described the decision to evacuate as being “very grave, not taken lightly”. When questioned as to whether everything possible had been done on the day to save lives, the managing director of Transport for London was “very proud” of the choices made that morning.

As investigations continue, all bodies have been removed from the sub-surface Circle line trains, but the carriages themselves are still in situ while a painstaking forensic investigation takes place.

Currently, work is on-going to retrieve bodies and forensic evidence from the carriage of the train in the deep tunnel of the Piccadilly line near King’s Cross. Teams of rescue workers looking for human remains are working alongside forensics experts in a “meticulous” search to find evidence.

Conditions are described as being very difficult, with high temperatures and lots of dust. Work was halted over Friday night when conditions became too bad, and resumed this morning. Efforts have been made to improve the ventilation.

Work will continue throughout tonight and possibly into Sunday. The exact number of bodies still in the wrecked carriage is unknown.

Access from King’s Cross is impossible, so workers are taking the longer route from Russell Square station to get to the front of the train.

Police have revealed that the bombs were ‘high explosives’ – not homemade. However they are declining to be specific about their composition as the information could be useful when they interrogate suspects.

Police will not confirm or deny if any parts of a timer have been found, but have said that “any device will now be in a million pieces”. Police believe the use of timers more likely than suicide bombings as the blasts were so closely timed, but are not ruling out anything.

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Where To Find The Best Dog Training In Hattiesburg


When you first get a new puppy you want them to be well behaved and know the difference between right and wrong. Of course, this is never the case and you have to deal with months of teaching them what they aren’t supposed to do. Sometimes people do not adapt to the right teaching methods and dogs do not learn the things they need to know. If you want to ensure that your dog knows the basic commands and is well behaved then you can make use of a dog training service. This is going to allow your pet to work with another human, which will help with their social skills, and they will be taught how to respond to commands.

YouTube Preview Image

When you dog knows how to respond to your commands and recognize your voice it will make caring for them much easier. You can tell them not to run away and they will listen, instead of chasing them through the yard screaming at them. By showing your dog what you want you can easily get them to understand you and obey your commands. It is the simplest form of communication, without any type of words. There are some good locations where you can take your dog for some professional training if you need some help, though. If you are looking for the best dog training in Hattiesburg then check out the Animal Medical Center Of Hattiesburg. This location is a pet hospital that offers much more services than just health care. Many people say they have the best trainers around and that their dogs are so well mannered after being trained there.

Keep them in mind when you need to find the best dog training in Hattiesburg for your pets. Dealing with an improperly trained dog can be a very big headache. If another dog walks by your window your dog will naturally want to bark and interact with the other dog. This can get annoying, especially if you are trying to focus on something inside your house. By properly training your dog you can be sure they will listen to you when you want them to quiet down. Keep this in mind if you have been having any difficulties training your dogs.

Indonesian anti-corruption chief convicted of murder

Friday, February 12, 2010

An Indonesian court has convicted the former head of the country’s anti-corruption agency of murder. The prosecution of Antasari Azhar and three others has been controversial, with some fearing the so-called “Judicial Mafia” played a role.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) already saw a proven plot to discredit it and frame its senior members. Shortly after Azhar’s arrest in May last year police came to take away Bibit Rianto and Chandra Hamzah, two deputy commissioners, to face trial for corruption. The trial, instead, unveiled a plot to convict the men of offences they had not committed. Protests in the street ensued, and locals gave corrupt officials the joint nickname of the “Judicial Mafia”.

The scandal resulted in the resignations of a chief detective and a deputy attorney general; the KPK had begun probing the attorney general’s office and that of the national police. During Azhar’s time as chair the KPK has exposed bribery at the former and prosecuted an in-law relative of the president during the country’s election preparations, with a jail sentence being the result.

The defendants had claimed political elements orchestrated a conspiracy to see the quartet convicted. The judges disagreed, with judge Herri Swantoro telling the court, “Defendant Antasari Azhar has been legitimately proven guilty of participating in persuading the carrying out of a premeditated murder.” The court’s judgement ran to 179 pages.

The case saw the four accused of plotting the March 2009 murder of tycoon Nasruddin Zulkarnaen, shot dead in his car by a motorbike assassin in Jakarta. Zulkarnaen was Azhar’s golfing partner and the businessman was alleged by the prosecution to have been blackmailing the KPK leader, who is a former prosecutor.

Azhar is alleged to have had an affair with one of Zulkarnaen’s wives, a golf caddie. With Zulkarnaen threatening to inform the press and parliament, Azhar is alleged to have plotted murder with several other officials. Police commissioner Wiliardi Wizar was accused of locating the assassins used; he claimed his senior had ordered him to testify he had been told by Azhar to kill Zulkarnaen.

Media mogul Sigid Haryo Wibisono stood accused of financing the contract killing, and businessman Jerry Hermawan Lo of arranging a meeting with the gunmen. All three were convicted alongside Azhar, who received an eighteen-year prison sentence. Wizar was jailed for twelve years, Wibisono for fifteen and Lo for five. All intend to appeal the verdicts.

One person who feels the court got it wrong is a human rights lawyer who defended Bibit and Chandra. “I think that this is all still a mystery,” said Taufik Basari. “I don’t think the judge had all the necessary facts to warrant a verdict of eighteen years.”

Despite the conviction of his relative, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono retained the presidency last June by a landslide majority. Originally elected in 2004, Yudhoyono has used an anti-corruption stance in his campaigns, heaping praise upon the KPK which Azhar was head of from December 2007 until his arrest.

The four new convicts join five men convicted of the murder in December. Alleged to have comprised the gang behind the shooting, they received sentences varying from seventeen to eighteen years imprisonment.

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National Hockey League news: February 18, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

There were 8 games played in the National Hockey League on February 17, 2008, including the top two teams in the West, the Detroit Red Wings and the Dallas Stars, going head to head.

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China-EU financial relations are growing

Friday, December 4, 2009

Chinese President Hu Jintao met with the European Union’s leaders Jose Manuel Barroso and Fredrik Reinfeldt in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. The EU leaders were in China to attend Monday’s twelfth China-European Union (EU) summit. Barroso said China-EU relations are “more mature, deeper” then before.

China-EU trading relations have grown over the last 35 years. The volume of trade between the pair reached US$425.58 billion in 2008, an increase of 19.5% over the prior year. Bilateral relations are far closer now than in previous years.

Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, said the Lisbon Treaty would help strengthen EU-China relations. Summit attendees also talked about nuclear non-proliferation, disarmament, human rights, climate change, combating financial crisis and financial investments.

Before the twelfth China-EU summit, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met with EU delegates in Nanjing, and the trading partners celebrated the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

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Common Plastic Surgery Mistakes

Common Plastic Surgery Mistakes


Scott Hopper

All humans are prone to errors and mistakes. Physicians and surgeons are no exception. Mistakes during ordinary surgeries occur from time to time. Plastic surgery is an even more delicate practice that requires lot of skill and experience on the part of plastic surgeons. Majority of the common plastic surgery mistakes occur due to improper procedural performances, minor surgical errors, and incorrect post-operative care. Nearly all the common plastic surgery mistakes can be avoided by proper screening of the patient and adequate preparation before the surgery. Some of the most common plastic surgery mistakes are presented below.

Plastic Surgery Mistakes in Facial Surgeries

If mistakes occur in facial plastic surgery procedures, they are highly visible. At the same time, they are also difficult to repair. The patient is likely to have an unnatural or wooden look, if mistakes occur in facial surgeries. If any nerve is accidentally damaged or skin tissue is tightened excessively, it can lead to partial or complete paralysis. Further, asymmetry in facial parts, gross disproportions, excess scarring, hardening of facial tissues, and harmful implant leaks are also possible when mistakes occur in facial plastic surgery procedures.

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Plastic Surgery Mistakes in Other Body Parts

The common plastic surgery mistakes in other body parts can be easily masked but the health related issues due to such mistakes cannot be avoided. The patients must face the consequences of these mistakes, irrespective of the visibility or non-visibility of the surgery errors. In many cases, the problems are not just physical ailments or disorders but the patients undergo serious psychological and emotional trauma also. In several instances, the patients had been found to be suffering from a guilty consciousness that they had been punished for their efforts of vanity. This poses a grave problem to the patients who had been the victims of common plastic surgery mistakes.

Rectification of Common Plastic Surgery Mistakes

As soon as you notice any difficulty after a plastic surgery procedure, you should immediately contact the plastic surgeon who undertook the surgery operation. Most of the plastic surgery mistakes can be corrected without harmful side effects. In fact, several specialty plastic surgeons concentrate solely on surgical repair of the common plastic surgery mistakes. As such, you need not worry too much about minor mistakes in plastic surgery. Still, at times, the mistakes can prove too costly and the only recourse may be seeking adequate compensation.

Still, it is important to ensure before any plastic surgery procedure that the plastic surgeon is an accredited and certified plastic surgery practitioner. It is also advisable to enquire from past patients of that surgeon about the success rate in previous surgeries done by that surgeon. In spite of such precautions, if plastic surgery mistakes do occur, the concerned plastic surgeon is bound to correct the problem without charging anything extra. If that surgeon is not capable of correcting the mistake, then you can even claim the cost of the corrective surgery procedure and compensation for physical and mental anguish from the one who had done the initial mistake, after correction of the mistake by another expert surgeon.

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76 dead in plane crash near Medellín, Colombia

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

On Monday local time, a chartered flight carrying 72 passengers and nine crew members crashed on the outskirts of the city of Medellín, Colombia. The Colombian police has indicated only five people on board survived the crash.

The British Aerospace 146 was flying from Brazil to Colombia via Bolivia. The plane reported facing electrical problems near La Ceja and La Unión before crashing at roughly 10:15pm local time (0315 Tuesday UTC). The crash site had bad weather, and heavy fog prevented rescue helicopters from landing.

According to initial reports, six passengers were rescued but later one of them died in hospital.

The flight was carrying Brazilian Série A football team Chapecoense’s delegations. Chapecoense was scheduled to play Colombian club Atlético Nacional today in the Copa Sudamericana final; Copa Sudamericana is South America’s second-tier club competition, the winner of which is promoted to the first-tier competition of Copa Libertadores in the next season.

The Chapecó based club were promoted to the first division Série A in 2014. They are currently ninth in the league table and the final league match of the season was scheduled to be played on Sunday against Atlético Mineiro. Reaching the final of Copa Sudamericana was the best outcome in the club’s history.

By varying reports either 21 or 22 Brazilian football journalists where also on the flight. The five survivors include at least two football players, who have been identified as Alan Ruschel and Jakson Follmann.

South America’s governing body of football CONMEBOL has suspended the upcoming fixture. Atlético Nacional were scheduled to play the second leg of the final on December 7.

Brazilian president Michel Temer tweeted, “I express my solidarity at this sad time when dozens of Brazilian families have been affected by tragedy.” ((pt))Portuguese language: ?Nesta hora triste que a tragédia se abate sobre dezenas de famílias brasileiras, expresso minha solidariedade. Temer has also called three-day mourning in Brazil.

Atlético Nacional requested CONMEBOL award the Copa Sudamericana to Chapecoense. Several Brazilian clubs said they would loan players to Chapecoense for the upcoming season for free. They also requested Chapecoense be granted three seasons’ immunity from relegation to a lower division.

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South Korean scientists claim they have cloned pet dog

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

South Korean scientists have confirmed that they have completed the first ever commercial cloning of a dog to take place.

Bernann McKinney, who ordered the cloning for US$50,000, has said that she is pleased with the result of the cloning. “They are perfectly the same as their daddy. I am in heaven here. I am a happy person,” she said in a press conference delivered earlier today. The regular charge will be up to US$150,000, but was discounted for the first customer.

McKinney continued the press conference by saying that “Booger [the dog] had a kindness in his heart and I believe that kindness is something that can be, I don’t want to use the word reproduced, but the best way Dr Lee explained it is we can give him his body, you are going to give him the love and environment to recreate the original Booger’s personality.”

McKinney ordered five copies of her dog Booger, which she describes as her ‘partner’ and ‘friend’.

RNL Bio, which performed the cloning said that “we commemorate the world’s first commercial cloning of a pet dog, Booger,” on their website. They also stated that anyone interested in getting their pet cloned should contact them.

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US Supreme Court declares same-sex marriage legal

Sunday, June 28, 2015

On Friday, the United States Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal in all fifty US states. More than 30 states already permitted gay marriage. The Supreme Court ruled by a five-to-four vote that bans on same-sex marriage were not constitutional. The majority decision was delivered by Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Same-sex marriage was banned in more than a dozen states. Justices Sotomayor, Ginsburg, Kagan, Breyer and Kennedy voted in favour while Justices Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas voted against.

Kennedy’s decision brought tears to the eyes of some lawyers in the courtroom. However, Justice Antonin Scalia in his dissenting opinion derided the majority decision: “The opinion is couched in a style that is as pretentious as its content is egotistic. […] Of course, the opinion’s showy profundities are often profoundly incoherent.”

When the decision was made, police allowed people outside the court to wave the rainbow flag on the court plaza. Demonstrators outside the court chanted “Love has won”. This decision made the United States the 21st country to legalise same-sex marriage.

President Barack Obama responded to the decision: “Today we can say, in no uncertain terms, that we have made our union a little more perfect.”

After this decision, Facebook introduced a new tool to add rainbow coloring to one’s profile picture to celebrate this victory. Mark Zuckerberg posted on Facebook “I’m so happy for all of my friends and everyone in our community who can finally celebrate their love and be recognized as equal couples under the law”.

Later, companies like Google, Yahoo, Tumblr and Vine tweeted with hashtag “#LoveWins”. That night, the White House had the rainbow projected on the outside of the building to celebrate the decision.

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Furniture: How To Choose The Right Bed For You}

Submitted by: Karissa C. Dupree

Furniture is very essential to every household for its functionality plus the beauty that it will add to your home. A house without any furniture will just be an empty space. The goal of furniture is to make our lives easier.

Your bed is one of the most important furniture in your house. Your bed will allow you to have a rest, rejuvenate and recharge after a stressful day. This is also the place where you sleep and regain your energy. To all of us, sleep is very important because this will allow our body to recuperate and prepare for the next day’s work. Sleep is also one of the sources of energy needed for your body to function to its maximum potential. With inadequate sleep, you become grumpy and impatient, ineffective and sluggish. If this will continue to happen, your career, physical and mental health will be at risk. Overall, sleep will have a big impact in your life.

How can you achieve a good night sleep? You can achieve a good night sleep by choosing the right bed for you. The right bed will give your body proper support and comfort. How will you choose which one is right for you? Choosing the right bed for you can be very confusing and a little bit tricky because there are too many to choose from and they all look promising.

Here are some few tips in choosing the right bed for you.

YouTube Preview Image

Never go cheap!

I know you have a tight budget and you need to stick to it, but hey! Your bed is one of your best investments. In buying your new bed, do your research, plan and create the right budget. Never shop your bed impulsively to avoid long term of regrets. Since your bed is a huge investment, make sure that it comes with a warranty for at least 10 years, so that you will know how long it provide the comfort and support you need.

Try it on

Don’t be ashamed and felt embarrassed when you try several beds because trying it on is the best way to know whether or not it feels right. When trying each bed, lay on it with your normal sleeping position for at least 15 minutes. The right bed will give support to your body’s natural curves. Your spine should be aligned with your neck and head and no gaps in between.

Ask for trial period

Ask every store you shop around if they offer any trial period. This is the best way to try your new bed because you have enough time to decide whether it is right for you or not. It is a good deal to take advantage.

Visit show rooms

All stores that sell beds and mattresses have show rooms for their customers. They allow their customers to try all the beds that they like to help them find the perfect bed. Always do the 15 minute test on each bed you try on because this is the only way to know if it feels right for you.

With the right bed, you can sleep through the night like a baby, slumber into the world of wonderful dreams.

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