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September 23, 2021

Submitted by: Naz Daud

A social enterprise business is one whose primary motivation is to aid the community in some way, rather than one entirely driven by profit, as is the case with the majority of businesses. Indeed, any profits that are made by a social enterprise business are almost always channeled directly back into the business itself so that it will continue to develop its social enterprise objectives. Social enterprises operate across all facets of society, from catering and construction firms, to retail, training and transport. Many such businesses start out as charities or voluntary enterprises before making the transition to a fully fledged social enterprise business. There are many social and environmental issues that such social enterprises have been set up to address and cater for, and there are many benefits to be considered if you are interested in pursuing such an idea for your own business.

As could be gathered from the above, the most compelling reason to set up a social enterprise business is if you genuinely want more from your business than just a profit or a way to earn a living; social enterprises are best ventured into for those who have a real desire to help the community in some way. Even the more commercial sector of society has many social enterprise businesses already up and running, such as bottled water firms, suppliers of chocolate and coffee, call centres, graphic design and consultancy firms, and even furniture restorers. Your best hope to establish a social enterprise is to identify a genuine gap in your local services that you can fill with your new business. This could be anything from providing more aged care services, addressing a lack in transportation for school children, or any number of other such basic requirements and needs that are not currently being adequately filled.

It is important to remember, of course, that a social enterprise business is still a business, and one that needs to compete and survive in the same commercial arena as those businesses that are entirely profit driven. This often means that a social enterprise business has to work as hard, if not harder, than a normal business in order to be able to survive and prosper. A real passion for the social service you aim to provide and an entrepreneurial spirit are absolutely vital qualities for anyone investigating the possibility of launching their own social enterprise business.

Running a social enterprise can bring tremendous benefits of other than a financial kind, both to you and the people around you. Helping individuals and the wider community in general can be tremendously satisfying and uplifting, while many local people can find employment in such a business, including many from the long-term unemployed to the physically or mentally disabled, people with learning disabilities, ex-offenders, or even just young people, women and ethnic minorities who have found it difficult to break into the more traditional, commercial kinds of business operations.

Launching a social enterprise business is, in some ways, the toughest of all businesses to embark upon. It is also, often, the most rewarding.

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